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April 9, 2013

Wake Up Bedhead in Winona on 04/18/13

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May 1, 2012

Thanks to Mid West Music Fest, 89.3 the current, and Gimme Noise

Mid West Music Fest 2012 Poster

Recent­ly, we par­tic­i­pat­ed in the 3rd annu­al Mid West Music Fest, found­ed by Sam Brown. We’ve played every Mid West Music Fest to date and look for­ward to many more. Out of all three years, this year’s MWMF was a step above the rest. The line­up was more impres­sive than ever includ­ing some of our out-of-town favorites: Zoo Ani­mal, Tapes ‘n Tapes, Cory Chis­el and the wan­der­ing sons, Gen­er­al B and The Wiz, Maudlin, and Ene­my Planes. The atten­dance dou­bled from the pre­vi­ous year, and there was a lot more press cov­er­age than before. Winona has yet anoth­er great thing going for it with Mid West Music Fest. If you haven’t attend­ed or heard of it, you can find more infor­ma­tion from the Mid West Music Fest web­site.

Photos From MWMF 2012

Zoo Animal
Zoo Animal at MWMF 2012

Tapes ‘n Tapes
Tapes 'n Tapes MWMF 2012


89.3 the current

In a post titled, Mid West Music Fest 2012, 89.3 the cur­rent post­ed pic­tures from MWMF. Both Sher­ry and Eli from Wake Up Bed­head are fea­tured on this post. Thanks to Andrea Swens­son and 89.3 for shar­ing pho­tos of our set on your blog. 🙂


Also, dur­ing our set, Swens­son tweet­ed, “Lead singer in ’60s psych rock band Wake Up Bed­head is wear­ing PJ pants, while his bassist is in a ball gown. Makes sense, some­how.” I’ve worn those paja­ma pants for­ev­er. Final­ly some­one has noticed! 😛

Also, Erik Thomp­son, Gimme Noise blog­ger, tweet­ed, “Wake Up Bed­head­’s lead singer is wear­ing paja­ma pants–my wife could nev­er like them. They are loud, though. Dibs is a cool joint, too.” So the paja­ma pants def­i­nite­ly got more atten­tion than ever before. I’m not sure what to make of the response though. Should I wear the paja­mas or not? The whole idea was that every Wake Up Bed­head show is a paja­ma par­ty and our hard­core fans should show up in paja­mas. That has­n’t ever hap­pened, but it would be sweet if it did.

Gimme Noise

In a blog post titled, Mid West Music Fest, Day Three: Kimya Daw­son, the Melis­mat­ics, BNLX, and My Pri­vate Eye, Erik Thomp­son said this about Wake Up Bed­head, “Their gui­tar-heavy, melod­ic sound real­ly set the scene well for Dibs, which would play host to plen­ty of loud acts through­out the rest of the night. Wake Up Bed­head real­ly picked up steam as their ener­getic set rolled on, and closed with the gui­tarist flail­ing about on the stage as he lost him­self in the stri­dent dis­cord of the band’s final num­ber.” Thanks for men­tion­ing us in your blog Erik!

Also, Erik had great things to say about My Pri­vate Eye call­ing them, “the most accom­plished and orig­i­nal Winona group of the fes­ti­val.” Con­grat­u­la­tions to Todd, Megan and Zach for such a great write-up.

Closing Thoughts

Over­all, this year’s Mid West Music Fest was the best one yet. We hope it con­tin­ues to thrive for many years. Thank you Sam Brown, Alex Stevens and every­one else asso­ci­at­ed with Mid West Music Fest.

If you haven’t down­loaded our album yet, do it now. 😉



April 25, 2012

Download our new alternative indie rock album for free!

April has been a busy month for me. First, it was Coachel­la, and then it was Mid West Music Fest. Before all of that, I was putting the fin­ish­ing touch­es on our first full-length album, Lis­ten With Your Eyes Closed.

A year and a half in the works

Some of the tracks on Lis­ten With Your Eyes Closed were record­ed as far back as August 2010 while the major­i­ty of the record­ing was done in the spring of 2011. If we record­ed every­thing a year ago, why is the album just now com­ing out? Well, as I was mix­ing it, I would have lit­tle light bulbs going off about how to do things bet­ter. This meant I felt the need to go back and remix the entire album sev­er­al times. I think I remixed it a total of three times. Each time, the improve­ments were more and more subtle.

Why give it away for free?

In my Inter­net Mar­ket­ing class­es at Full Sail, I spent a lot of time delib­er­at­ing over the best way to release the album. Even­tu­al­ly, I set­tled on free. Sure­ly, it would be nice to get paid for a year and a half of work, but being an artist, it’s more impor­tant to have an audi­ence. Wake Up Bed­head has been around for 6 years. That’s a long time. We’re still based most­ly out of Winona, and we’d like that to change. By mak­ing this album avail­able for free, we hope to grow our audi­ence through­out the country.

Help us out by sharing

After you down­load your copy of the album, we ask that you share it with your friends. Con­sid­er it your pay­ment for the free album. We give it to you for free, and you share it with your friends. It’s so easy. That’s all we ask. There is a shar­ing but­ton right on the sign up wid­get, so you can share to Face­book, Twit­ter or even your own blog right after you get your copy of the album.

All that being said, thanks for your sup­port, and we hope you enjoy this album!

Listen With Your Eyes Closed