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What is our story?

In 2006, Joshua and Eli met while work­ing togeth­er at Hal Leonard pub­lish­ing. Both of them had aspi­ra­tions of start­ing a band. A few months lat­er when they sat down to strum through some songs, Wake Up Bed­head was born.

Who is Wake Up Bedhead?

Picture of Wake Up Bedhead, June 2010

Wake Up Bed­head, June 2010


Wake Up Bedhead is:
  • Joshua Lauer
  • Eli­jah Beach
  • Birdie Lynn
  • and Jason Jacksen

What are our accomplishments?

  • Opened for the Arc­tic Mon­keys May 27th at the Rave in Milwaukee.
  • Released the Hook EP online July 2007.
  • Men­tioned in an arti­cle on as a band to check out in the Spin Hot Pur­suit in Octo­ber 2007.
  • Released Put Your Hands Up music video on YouTube, Decem­ber 2010.

What do we sound like?

If the Bea­t­les, the Strokes, Weez­er and Dinosaur Jr. got togeth­er and had a love child, that child could be Wake Up Bed­head, heart-pound­ing alter­na­tive indie rock.


  •  Formed in July
  •  First show in Sep­tem­ber at a base­ment show
  •  First pub­lic show at a venue (the now defunct Ras­cals) in October
  • Released Hook EP in July
  • Entered Spin Hot Pur­suit in October
  • Matthew Cor­co­ran (first drum­mer) left the band in November
  • Joel Sut­ton became the drum­mer in December
  • Chris Bey­ers filled in on drums for a few shows
  • Joel Sut­ton left the band in March.
  • Rory Hard­ing filled in on drums for a few shows
  • Justin Wiec­zorek took over drums for the next year and filled in for anoth­er year as needed.
  • Devon Tow­ers (the first bassist) left the band in September.
  • Travis Mord took over the bass in November.
  • Travis left the band in June
  • Ran­dal Kline filled in for a show in July
  • Birdie Lynn took over the bass at the end of 2009
  • Jason Jack­sen start­ed drum­ming in May
  • Released Put Your Hands Up music video on YouTube in December
  • Start­ed record­ing our first full-length album in February
  • Cur­rent­ly mix­ing that album
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