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What is our story?

In 2006, Joshua and Eli met while working together at Hal Leonard publishing. Both of them had aspirations of starting a band. A few months later when they sat down to strum through some songs, Wake Up Bedhead was born.

Who is Wake Up Bedhead?

Picture of Wake Up Bedhead, June 2010

Wake Up Bedhead, June 2010


Wake Up Bedhead is:
  • Joshua Lauer
  • Elijah Beach
  • Birdie Lynn
  • and Jason Jacksen

What are our accomplishments?

  • Opened for the Arctic Monkeys May 27th at the Rave in Milwaukee.
  • Released the Hook EP online July 2007.
  • Mentioned in an article on as a band to check out in the Spin Hot Pursuit in October 2007.
  • Released Put Your Hands Up music video on YouTube, December 2010.

What do we sound like?

If the Beatles, the Strokes, Weezer and Dinosaur Jr. got together and had a love child, that child could be Wake Up Bedhead, heart-pounding alternative indie rock.


  •  Formed in July
  •  First show in September at a basement show
  •  First public show at a venue (the now defunct Rascals) in October
  • Released Hook EP in July
  • Entered Spin Hot Pursuit in October
  • Matthew Corcoran (first drummer) left the band in November
  • Joel Sutton became the drummer in December
  • Chris Beyers filled in on drums for a few shows
  • Joel Sutton left the band in March.
  • Rory Harding filled in on drums for a few shows
  • Justin Wieczorek took over drums for the next year and filled in for another year as needed.
  • Devon Towers (the first bassist) left the band in September.
  • Travis Mord took over the bass in November.
  • Travis left the band in June
  • Randal Kline filled in for a show in July
  • Birdie Lynn took over the bass at the end of 2009
  • Jason Jacksen started drumming in May
  • Released Put Your Hands Up music video on YouTube in December
  • Started recording our first full-length album in February
  • Currently mixing that album
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