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May 1, 2012

Thanks to Mid West Music Fest, 89.3 the current, and Gimme Noise

Mid West Music Fest 2012 Poster

Recently, we participated in the 3rd annual Mid West Music Fest, founded by Sam Brown. We’ve played every Mid West Music Fest to date and look forward to many more. Out of all three years, this year’s MWMF was a step above the rest. The lineup was more impressive than ever including some of our out-of-town favorites: Zoo Animal, Tapes ‘n Tapes, Cory Chisel and the wandering sons, General B and The Wiz, Maudlin, and Enemy Planes. The attendance doubled from the previous year, and there was a lot more press coverage than before. Winona has yet another great thing going for it with Mid West Music Fest. If you haven’t attended or heard of it, you can find more information from the Mid West Music Fest website.

Photos From MWMF 2012

Zoo Animal
Zoo Animal at MWMF 2012

Tapes ‘n Tapes
Tapes 'n Tapes MWMF 2012


89.3 the current

In a post titled, Mid West Music Fest 2012, 89.3 the current posted pictures from MWMF. Both Sherry and Eli from Wake Up Bedhead are featured on this post. Thanks to Andrea Swensson and 89.3 for sharing photos of our set on your blog. 🙂


Also, during our set, Swensson tweeted, “Lead singer in ’60s psych rock band Wake Up Bedhead is wearing PJ pants, while his bassist is in a ball gown. Makes sense, somehow.” I’ve worn those pajama pants forever. Finally someone has noticed! 😛

Also, Erik Thompson, Gimme Noise blogger, tweeted, “Wake Up Bedhead’s lead singer is wearing pajama pants–my wife could never like them. They are loud, though. Dibs is a cool joint, too.” So the pajama pants definitely got more attention than ever before. I’m not sure what to make of the response though. Should I wear the pajamas or not? The whole idea was that every Wake Up Bedhead show is a pajama party and our hardcore fans should show up in pajamas. That hasn’t ever happened, but it would be sweet if it did.

Gimme Noise

In a blog post titled, Mid West Music Fest, Day Three: Kimya Dawson, the Melismatics, BNLX, and My Private Eye, Erik Thompson said this about Wake Up Bedhead, “Their guitar-heavy, melodic sound really set the scene well for Dibs, which would play host to plenty of loud acts throughout the rest of the night. Wake Up Bedhead really picked up steam as their energetic set rolled on, and closed with the guitarist flailing about on the stage as he lost himself in the strident discord of the band’s final number.” Thanks for mentioning us in your blog Erik!

Also, Erik had great things to say about My Private Eye calling them, “the most accomplished and original Winona group of the festival.” Congratulations to Todd, Megan and Zach for such a great write-up.

Closing Thoughts

Overall, this year’s Mid West Music Fest was the best one yet. We hope it continues to thrive for many years. Thank you Sam Brown, Alex Stevens and everyone else associated with Mid West Music Fest.

If you haven’t downloaded our album yet, do it now. 😉