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August 12, 2011

Charter Center Stage contest: TMI

Too Much Information.

We signed up for the Char­ter Cen­ter Stage con­test in hopes that we could fare well in the com­pe­ti­tion. Today is the first day of vot­ing, but after see­ing how the vot­ing works, we feel the need to step down. It seems wrong to ask peo­ple to give a com­pa­ny all of their infor­ma­tion just to vote for us in a con­test.



August 4, 2011

Vote for Wake Up Bedhead in the Charter Center Stage Contest

It’s been a few years since we’ve entered a con­test, but we fig­ured now would be a good time. We’d like to thank Jonas Schnei­der for telling us about this con­test.

Vote for us!

Thanks to every­one for all of your sup­port!

February 2, 2011

Wake Up Bedhead: The Blog Begins

Who is Wake Up Bedhead?

Wake Up Bed­head is a band from Winona, MN. We’re cur­rent­ly work­ing on get­ting ready for a show at Ed’s NO NAME Bar on 3rd street and Franklin in his­toric down­town Winona on Feb­ru­ary 18th 2011. We have been play­ing since July of 2006 with var­i­ous line­up changes over the years.


What is the current lineup?

Wake Up Bed­head is Joshua Lauer (me), Eli­jah Beach, Sher­ry Dahlen and Jason Jack­sen. Eli and I are the two orig­i­nal mem­bers, while Sher­ry has just recent­ly passed the year mark. Jason is well on the way to mak­ing it a year in the group this May.


Why start a blog?

There has been so much to tell over the years about the line­up changes and the songs that it seems like it would be a good idea to start cap­tur­ing all of it in a blog where every­one can find out the lat­est news about the band instead of let­ting the sands of time wash away the mem­o­ries.


Latest news!

Cur­rent­ly, we have put the final touch­es on the record­ing of Eli’s song Crys­tal Ball. Jason has been sto­ry­board­ing an idea for a music video, and soon, we will be shar­ing the song and the video with the entire world.


Put Your Hands Up: Our most recent release:

You will find our most recent music video released in Decem­ber of 2010 above. We hope to con­tin­ue mak­ing songs, record­ings and videos all the while shar­ing them with the world.

Stay tuned for more from Wake Up Bed­head in the weeks and months to come!