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August 12, 2011

Charter Center Stage contest: TMI

Too Much Information.

We signed up for the Charter Center Stage contest in hopes that we could fare well in the competition. Today is the first day of voting, but after seeing how the voting works, we feel the need to step down. It seems wrong to ask people to give a company all of their information just to vote for us in a contest.



May 18, 2011

Direct to Fan: Thoughts and Strategies

A band with less than 3,000 fans is probably:

  1. A band still trying to find a way to survive off their music
  2. Hobbyists
  3. Just plain not good

We hope that we fit into the first option on that list. Either way, there is a big question out there. How do you make a living off of music these days? When is it ok to start selling your music as opposed to giving it away for free, and if you are giving it away for free, what’s the best free method? If you have more than 3,000 fans, you don’t need to read this.


April 30, 2011

Wake Up Bedhead recording is nearly finished

The First Full-Length Album from Wake Up Bedhead

There will be 13 songs on the album. We have finally finished tracking instruments for the album, and all we have left now is vocals. We anticipate finishing those within the next week or so. Then it will be time to mix. (more…)