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May 23, 2011

The Arctic Monkeys: Wake Up Bedhead Opens.

The Arctic Monkeys at the Rave in Milwaukee May 27th, 2011

We’re excit­ed about going to Mil­wau­kee this Fri­day, but it’s a bit­ter­sweet kind of excit­ed. It’s Mon­day and the show is on Fri­day. But, this is the first we’ve pro­mot­ed it. We haven’t pro­mot­ed it soon­er because we paid $400 for 14 tick­ets, and they were sup­posed to send us 28, so we could dou­ble our mon­ey if we sold them all. That sound­ed like a great oppor­tu­ni­ty. Plus, we open for the Arc­tic Mon­keys, one of our favorite bands.

No Tickets Yet.

We still haven’t received our tick­ets, and it’s a bit frus­trat­ing. We’re essen­tial­ly pay­ing $400 to say we opened for a band. I can think of a lot of things that we could do with $400, but how many peo­ple can say they opened for the Arc­tic Mon­keys? Either way, it’s tough when you’re an unsigned band try­ing to make things hap­pen and a venue treats you like you don’t exist. We’ve debat­ed demand­ing our mon­ey back and refus­ing to play the show, but then we just burn a bridge with a venue and prob­a­bly don’t get the mon­ey back. So it comes down to us choos­ing to play a show, which we had to pay $400 to play. Bet­ter play it then.


Pay to Play Sucks

When was the last time you asked the plumber to pay you for fix­ing your pipes? When this oppor­tu­ni­ty arose for us, every­one in the band was super excit­ed. Then we found out we had to pay, and some con­cerns arose.

  • What if we nev­er get the tick­ets?
  • What if we can’t sell the tick­ets?
  • What if we get there and they have no idea we’re play­ing

Nat­u­ral­ly, we con­sult­ed with oth­er bands who have done the same thing before. They all got their tick­ets with­out trou­ble, and it sound­ed like the expe­ri­ence was well worth it. So, we put our con­cerns aside, and paid $400 for 28 tick­ets, which we were told we could make $800 off of. Even if we sold them at a dis­count­ed rate, we could at least make our mon­ey back and pay for gas. Instead, we haven’t received those tick­ets.


The Run Around

I’ve been send­ing e‑mails and call­ing the Rave con­stant­ly for the last month. In e‑mails, they say they will look into it, and on the phone it’s kind of the same. Half the time, we can’t get a hold of Justin Moralez, the per­son who set this up for us. Either way, when I called today, Justin was busy, but some­one else assured me that the tick­ets would be here by tomor­row. If they’re not here by tomor­row, they will set us up with a guest list, where we can sell peo­ple tick­ets to get on the list. Giv­en what has tak­en place up until now, I’m con­cerned that any­one that buys these guest list tick­ets could poten­tial­ly show up and mag­i­cal­ly find them­selves not on the list. Then we would be respon­si­ble for sell­ing fraud­u­lent tick­ets, which could poten­tial­ly cost us a lot more than the $400 we’re out at this point.


Mail from Milwaukee, WI to Winona, MN

Giv­en that it’s a four hour dri­ve to Mil­wau­kee from Winona, I would think the tick­ets would take no longer than three days to arrive. When we spoke on the phone, they said one week. Either way, I’ve been told that these tick­ets have been sent out twice, yet we haven’t seen them. Last time I ever pur­chased any­thing else online for a val­ue of $400 or more, I was giv­en a track­ing num­ber. In fact, I was told I would receive a track­ing num­ber for tick­ets that were sent out last week Mon­day, but I got the run around there as well, and those tick­ets still haven’t showed up.


Why Make the Openers Sell Tickets in the First Place?

The Arc­tic Mon­keys are obvi­ous­ly going to be the ones sell­ing tick­ets for this show, so why try to sell 28 through oth­er bands? There are two oth­er open­ers, so that’s 84 tick­ets or $1200 extra that the venue is pulling in assum­ing we all got the same deal. The capac­i­ty of the venue is 1700, so it’s not like this is a sub­stan­tial amount of tick­ets to get local artists to sell. In fact, it seems ridicu­lous. There are plen­ty of hoops to screen bands before offer­ing them the open­ing slots. Mak­ing them pay does­n’t real­ly prove that they mean busi­ness just that they have mon­ey.

Nice on the Phone

When I have actu­al­ly reached Justin regard­ing the tick­ets, he has been nice over the phone, but he has still not man­aged to make those tick­ets show up. When I dou­ble checked my address with him, he had the right infor­ma­tion, so why haven’t the tick­ets arrived? Is the post office this clum­sy? My Net­flix DVDs show up with­out trou­ble. Would it pain the Rave to spend the $5 to make sure the tick­ets are being tracked? After all, if the show only sells 1,000 tick­ets that’s a lit­tle more than $28k. Sure­ly, $5 would be an afford­able insur­ance. 

See you there!

We are play­ing that show on Fri­day, but after this expe­ri­ence, we’re prob­a­bly nev­er going to go for some­thing like this again. We rec­om­mend that oth­er bands think twice as well. While it is cool to say we opened for the Arc­tic Mon­keys, it’s not cool to be in the sit­u­a­tion we’re in now with no time left to pro­mote the show, no tick­ets to sell and out $400. If we were offered to play the show for $400, that would have been dif­fer­ent. Instead, we were promised tick­ets and haven’t received them. 

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