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May 29, 2011

Opening for the Arctic Monkeys: How it went

The Tickets and the Guest List

We nev­er received the tick­ets for this gig, so we weren’t able to pro­mote it as much as we had hoped. The day before the show we were offered a guest list, but it was Memo­r­i­al day week­end and try­ing to sell peo­ple a spot on a guest list is a bit dif­fi­cult in one day on a week­end when most folks have plans.

Either way, Justin Moralez felt bad about the fact that we nev­er received our tick­ets and has promised to “make it up to us.” The specifics of just exact­ly how he would make it up to us still haven’t been dis­cussed, but we’ll be in touch with him.


First Impressions of the Rave

When I say the Rave, I’m real­ly talk­ing about the build­ing. The struc­ture is very grand and it feels almost cas­tle like on the inside. When we entered, every­one felt like explor­ing. It turns our that every time I tried to go any­where cool, secu­ri­ty was telling me I could­n’t. At one point Jason, Sher­ry and I tried to walk into the main room while the Arc­tic Mon­keys were doing a sound check only to have secu­ri­ty peo­ple start yelling at us. Any­way, so the Arc­tic Mon­keys got to see us get­ting yelled at by secu­ri­ty.


Our Show

Upon enter­ing the Rave, there is a bar to your right with a stage right next to it. When the doors open, they fun­nel all of the peo­ple into this bar. Before the main stage doors are open, peo­ple are forced to stay there and watch the bands. This had us pret­ty excit­ed until we found out that the doors to the main stage were going to open at the same time that we were going to start play­ing. In fact, The Vac­cines start­ed play­ing before we fin­ished our set, and there was a band play­ing after us. Over­all, we played a great show, and the peo­ple that watched us real­ly seemed to enjoy us! One girl approached me while the Arc­tic Mon­keys were play­ing. She was real­ly impressed and told me she felt that if we were put on the big stage and turned up as loud as the Arc­tic Mon­keys that we would sound just as good. Of course, I’m para­phras­ing, but that was the gist of it.


The Arctic Monkeys

The Arc­tic Mon­keys have been one of my favorite bands of the ’00-’10 decade, so I was quite excit­ed when we got this gig. It was my first time see­ing them, and they played a great show. Their per­for­mance  was com­plete­ly accu­rate to their record­ings, and it was a great joy watch­ing them play. Even the band mates that weren’t as famil­iar with the Arc­tic Mon­keys found them­selves real­ly impressed by their per­for­mance. After see­ing them on the stage, we real­ized that they were stand­ing out­side while we were load­ing in, and we failed to say hel­lo! We need to be more out­go­ing and say hi to every­one in the future.

Cell Phone Pictures

Here are a few snap­shots of the Mon­keys on the main stage:

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