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February 25, 2011

KQAL Radio Interview from last fall

Where is that interview?

Last fall just before get­ting on stage, Terese Tenseth from KQAL inter­viewed us. We felt that it was a good inter­view but missed the air date. Since then we’ve hoped that it was archived some­where online. Until recent­ly, all we had was hope.


Once was lost but now it’s found!

When search­ing for Wake Up Bed­head the oth­er day on Google, I stum­bled across the inter­view archived along with a live per­for­mance. BONUS! Just yes­ter­day, the band sat down togeth­er and lis­tened. Much to our sur­prise, we thought the inter­view went well as did the live per­for­mance after­wards.


Thank you Terese Tenseth!

At this point we would like to extend our thanks to Terese for inter­view­ing us last fall. We did see her post about the show air­ing on the radio, but the air­ing had already passed by the time we saw it. Thank­ful­ly, it has been immor­tal­ized on the Inter­net.


Free signup required

The only hoop to jump through is that the site requires a free signup. This is imme­di­ate­ly over­looked when you real­ize that there is a pletho­ra of inter­views and per­for­mances from oth­er artists archived there. For those who are inter­est­ed: Wake Up Bed­head KQAL inter­view.

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