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January 26, 2012

Amazon’s New Music E‑mails and Dr. Dog has a new album coming out!

Is it just me or does Ama­zon have a new e‑mail sys­tem for sell­ing music? In the past few days, I’ve received a few e‑mails from Ama­zon about albums from bands that I love that are com­ing out soon. I’ve includ­ed a screen­shot of the most recent e‑mail below.

This is great!

I’ve often thought it would be nice to know when all of my favorite bands have new albums com­ing out. Ama­zon has just made that com­plete­ly effort­less. Nice­ly done, Ama­zon.

Oh yeah, the sub­ject of the e‑mail is pret­ty sweet too!

Dr. Dog have a new album coming out February 7th!

Dr. Dog is one of my favorite bands. We All Belong is the first album I heard from them, and I was impressed to see they had a song called Alas­ka because I like songs about Alas­ka. 😉 They have a sound that feels tru­ly time­less. Based on what I’ve seen from their Face­book page, they’re one of the few bands out there track­ing to ana­log tape, which is sweet to me. That being said, this video is from their new album, Be The Void:

It’s already shap­ing up to be a great year for music. Rumors of Fiona Apple com­ing out with a new album, a new one from Foxy Shaz­am, and a new album from Dr. Dog in Feb­ru­ary. 2012 is start­ing off so great, that I’m start­ing to think it just might end up being the last year of the world. 😛


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